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Our team is made up of talented and professional people who are passionate about the animation, film, and games industry, we seek to break the limits and create fantastic worlds and stories using the latest in motion capture technology and video game engines.

Collectively, our team has many years of business experience in the advertising and games industry, this allows us to have a multidisciplinary team to meet the changing needs of digital media.


Snatch is an animation studio that uses motion capture with the goal of creating the best 3D character animations for game development, movies, television productions, commercial applications, and other forms of emerging media.


With our live online sessions you can direct your movie, choreograph and plan the moves for your game, and much more.


Offer a wide range of motion capture and 3D animation services of the highest quality at affordable prices for all types of projects, from independent games to film and television.

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To be leaders in motion capture and animation services, supporting creative companies of all sizes to bring their stories and creations to reality.

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